by Marcus Loane


10th Nov 2009


 I am now 41 years old and it is only as I have got older, that I have realised the sacrifices that parents make for their children. They give up their free time, much of their income, and restrict their options on what they work at or where they live and when they retire. I am married with no children and enjoying the freedom of it. It means I do not know firsthand, what parenthood is like. I can get a sense of it now though and know that as well as being rewarding it has the potential to cause a lot of worry which never really ends. Some parents have told me that everything changes when you become a parent and that nothing properly prepares you for it.


 I want to thank my parents for all the sacrifices they made and wish that they know how grateful I am for everything they did for me. I am thankful that my childhood interests were encouraged and supported. I fondly remember going on bird watching expeditions, sharing photographic expertise with my father (Andrew) on holidays and enjoying helping him with his endless home and garden improvement projects. I admired his resourcefulness and willingness to tackle anything. My mother (Carole) used to surprise me with little acts of thoughtfulness like bringing me cups of coffee when I was studying for exams in the evenings and she got such delight at our joy on Christmas mornings. She worked hard to keep our home ticking over and keep us all on the straight and narrow. I am especially grateful for my education which has enriched my understanding and experience of life. I am also thankful for all the material things passed my way which has made my life easier.


 I am so glad that my parents brought me into the world and allowed me to be a part of existence.


 Thank you Dad


 and thank you Mum.


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