Christianity in brief

by Marcus Loane


Christians should examine the central tenets of Christianity more critically.

We are told:

God split off a third of himself, tortured and executed the third of himself (Christ), to stop himself from torturing his beloved creation eternally in hell.

If that does not sound ridiculous to you, it is because it has been repeated to you over and over again until familiarity has numbed you to the illogicality of it.

Why would an all powerful god need a crucifixion?
There are two answers: 1) It was needed. or 2) God just wanted it.

1) If it was needed then God is not all powerful since an all powerful god could have achieved his goal in some other way. To say that God must do something a certain way is to limit God.

2) If it was not needed then God must have wanted an (unnecessary) crucifixion. So why does a loving God want an unnecessary torture and execution? If he wanted it, God is not all good. Does God enjoy suffering and the spilling of blood? He must, as we have established that it was not necessary (which would limit God).

Why could he not just forgive everyone? After all he is all powerful and all good.
Why is everyone born guilty in the first place? Is that just?
Can a person be justly held liable for being made a certain way?
If you believe in a literal Adam and Eve, why should we be considered guilty for the actions of others? Is that just?
If you believe Adam and Eve is metaphorical, where exactly does the Fall fit in? Are we born sinful? If yes then it is not just to blame us - see above.
Why is belief more important than good deeds? Bad people who believe are rewarded. Good people who disbelieve are punished. Is that just?

Why in 2000 years are there no answers to these rather obvious questions?

Christianity is incoherent. The reason why, is that it was not designed all at once by one Designer. I could design a fairer and more consistent system myself in a few minutes, yet an all powerful God with eternity to plan it, could not! Christianity is incoherent because it did not have one Designer. It had many human designers. It evolved from the often contradicting beliefs of many people at different times in history. It has mutated and changed and will continue to do so. Along with all the other world religions, I hope its final destiny is extinction.

Marcus Loane