God's plan

by Marcus Loane


Say you knew that there was a 10% chance that when you have a child, that child will be tortured every day and kept alive to endure the torture for 70 years. Would it be right to have children at all, and risk such a terrible fate for your offspring?

Now hell is a much worse fate and it never ends. When Christians decide to have a child there is a chance that the child will not accept the teachings of Jesus. This means that there is a chance that their (as yet unborn) offspring will suffer a miserable fate, a fate so terrible that the only caring approach is not to risk it happening. If Christian beliefs are true, Christians should not have children - it is the only reasonable policy. I would not wish hell on anyone (I am more compassionate than Bible-God) much less my children, regardless of what they do or believe.

Christians, by breeding, are increasing the numbers of those hell bound. That is an inescapable fact if the doctrine of hell (endorsed by Jesus) is true. If Christians have any human empathy they should never have children.

God's plan

The doctrine of hell fire (endorsed by Jesus) is a gift to Christianity critics:

God is sitting all alone in the eternal past.

He devises a plan and He creates a universe. He is all knowing so He knows what the end result of that universe will be. The end result when the universe is no more, is that instead of God sitting all alone he has some souls for company. That is not all though.

Before: God alone

God's plan....

After: God + souls in heaven + many more souls in eternal torment.

What a terrible price has been paid to achieve some company for God - all those tormented souls. The loving God must think it was worth it. The state of affairs before God's plan contains no suffering - there is just God, alone, elegant, perfect. The state of affairs after God's plan contains suffering and not just a little, the most horrible imaginable! God knew all this when he devised his plan. Remember, he is all knowing and sees the future. Therefore God deliberately created terrible suffering. What does this tell us about the nature of God?

And there's more...

Say a Christian persists in breeding and one of their children becomes an atheist. How can this Christian parent enjoy eternal bliss in the full knowledge of the fate of their child (or any other human being come to think of it). The only way to achieve that would be to have their memory wiped on entering heaven but then they would no longer be themselves. With the memory wiping scenario, their earthly life is for the benefit of some future soul which is not really them.

Marcus Loane
Reaching logical conclusions from Christian axioms