It is what it is

by Marcus Loane

26th September 2010


This article is a follow up to my article on explaining your life the optimistic or pessimistic way. In that article I explained how our reactions to events creates our experience of reality and affects our mood and well-being. You may have noticed that it involved labelling some events in our lives as bad or good. However another useful flip in perspective is to try and stop labelling things as either bad or good. You can see things as "just the way it is", without making many judgements about it. You can come to accept everything in life instead of constantly railing against it or wishing it were different in some way. You no longer see things as a trial, tedious, irritating, maddening, dreadful, terrible, disastrous, or to be added to your list of problems. You see things as interesting, curious, a challenge, a learning process and just a part of life. You can learn to change the adjectives in your thinking (and speech) and make them less extreme and more neutral.

"It is what it is" seems to say very little yet it sums up a whole philosophy, that of grateful, peaceful acceptance of being alive in this moment whatever that entails.



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