mystery of existence.
science of origins.
the future.
Marcus Loane
Northern Ireland

This is a place for anyone who likes to think about the universe, existence, conscious life, the bigger picture and where they fit in. I created it in 2001 and it has developed over time. 

I am interested in the big questions. Why does the universe exist? What is time? What is consciousness?

As I reached 50 years old in 2018 I am still intrigued by these questions. I have also become fascinated by the accelerating march of technology, especially machine learning/artificial intelligence and its implications for humanity.

Electric cars - 14th Oct 2018

Time travel – 27th Feb 2015

The nature of timeupdated 15th Oct 2012

Theory of nothing - why there is something instead of nothing. 31st March 2012

Parallel universes - how we could use them. 5th Nov 2010

In the beginning - where did it all come from? Edited 4th Oct 2010

Everything there is - 30th November 2009

Eternal life part 1 - eternal life starts now. 25th Oct 2009

Eternal life part 2 - 5th June 2013

Time speeds up as we get older - 3rd Oct 2010



The happiness files


Understanding everything

What is a world view? - how we see the world differently. 7th Oct 2001

Magic or emergence - a caveat on reductionism

In the beginning - where did it all come from? 23rd Sept 2010

Evolution as algorithm - the mindless engineer


Belief and science

No beliefs required - beliefs exist in a physical universe

Scientific thinking - in science and everyday life

When common sense is wrong - science dismantling intuitions


Various musings

Where does purpose come from? - Purposeful Universe and other fantasies

How to get the answers to all questions - it's easy.

We are all imitators - an explanation of our modern world

Human robots and the ghost in the machine



Consciousness - and philosophers' zombies

Is consciousness philosophy or science?

Free will - is it real?

Theory of mind - the theory theory

Consciousness and our intuitions - the seemingly obvious, isn't

Academic study of consciousness - do we know the answers yet?


More miscellaneous musings

Postmodernism - the second most dangerous idea ever devised

The World's biggest problem - 6 billion humans and counting...

Debating tips - what not to do

Validity of arguments

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Dangerous mind warping material - when sense makes non-sense


Personal meaning

The meanings of life - it's not that profound.

Atheism and nihilism - if nothing ultimately matters..

Life is 1.6 billion moments - living for now, and then


God and religion

The God files - Does God exist? Jan 2001

Christian belief mountain - the diversity of Christian beliefs

Creationism and evolution



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Further reading

Books to read – 10th May 2014


Links to other sites

Are we explaining consciousness yet? by Daniel Dennett

Neurotheology - religious experience explained by brain function

British Humanist Association

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