The Christ scapegoat

by Marcus Loane


The central tenet of Christianity is that Christ dies for our sins. Now how can it be just that someone takes on the punishment for someone else? Does this happen anywhere in any legal system? Justice means people get punished for their own actions. If anyone tried to avoid punishment by letting someone else take it, they would be despised. If a judge decided not to send someone to the electric chair but instead sent his own son which he had deliberately created for that purpose, would we not also despise the judge? We would despise both the judge and those who escape punishment. Why? Because it goes against the concept of justice. It is the antithesis of justice. According to most branches of Protestant Christianity, Christians can do what they like and escape all responsibility just by believing the right things. Never mind any harm they have done to those they have wronged. The human damage is practically ignored and believers just need to worry about having the correct beliefs and "getting right with god".

I am suggesting that I could devise a fairer and more just system than the god described in the bible. In fact most legal systems have done this.

Marcus Loane