How to get up in the morning

by Marcus Loane

11th Jan 2010

Getting up in the morning can be very simple and also very hard depending on our habits and attitudes. If you have to get up to go to work then you are probably relying on an alarm clock. The first tip is to not set it to too high a volume as you do not want to start your day with a racing heart and feeling of shock. My preference is to wake to classical music. Another tip is to set the alarm 20 minutes earlier than you need to so that you are not having to rush through your morning routine. Now what of getting up itself? As soon as the alarm goes, reach over and turn it off and in the same movement swing your legs out of the bed and plant your feet firmly on the floor, sitting up straight. Have a good stretch and put a big smile on your face, grinning broadly from ear to ear. You can be thankful that you are alive to enjoy another day. Now the point of this is to not give your brain time to make excuses for not getting up immediately. There should be no internal debate about getting another 10 minutes sleep or going to work a bit later today. Your getting up should be almost a reflex. It also helps if the first part of your morning routine is the same every working day so your body can find itself walking to the shower for example without needing to be fully awake. You donít want your brain to be too active initially or it may start finding excuses to go back to bed for a bit. Give it time to wake up as you automatically go about your routine. You donít need to start thinking much about your day until you are showered and enjoying breakfast or whatever it is you do in the morning. Some people like to arise very early and get some exercise, meditate, pray or read the news on the internet. Early morning is a time when no one is likely to make demands on you and you can have peace and quiet to yourself.

Remember, swing those feet on to the floor as soon as the alarm goes.


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